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There is no country in the world where football is not played and that has made it the most popular sport on the planet. Regardless of whether there is any other sport in your country that is considered the main one or the most practiced, you will always find many people who play and are football fans, hence its popularity and an example of this is the FIFA World Cup that every 4 years makes the planet go around a football for a month.

Basics of Football

Traditional football is played between two teams of 11 players each and whose main objective is to score a point (here called goal) putting the ball inside the opposite goal. It is not allowed to touch the ball with the hands or arms, the control and transfer of the ball is usually done with the feet as well as the shots and passes, although, depending on the technique of each player, other parts of the body can be used such as the head or chest, for example.

The duration of each game is 90 minutes divided into 2 parts of 45 minutes with a 15 minute break between both parts. In the event of a tie in direct elimination matches, the match is extended for an additional 30 minutes and in the event of a tie, it goes to penalties. Football fields are usually on average 100 by 50 meters, although there are some clearances allowed in these measures.

Origin of Football

The real beginnings of football usually differ a little depending on who is asked, however, it is said that it has its origins 2000 years ago in China with a "game" practiced within the country's military armies that had much more violent overtones. In the 14th and 15th centuries, that game reached Japan, France, and England where it evolved into something more technical and a little less violent.

In the mid-19th century, the first official football rules were established in the United Kingdom and from which the first cup and league tournaments began to emerge, such as the English FA Cup that is disputed to the present day. In 1930, the first FIFA World Cup in Uruguay would take place that would see the local national team win the championship.

Best teams and players

Talking about the great teams and players in the history of football can take a long time and too many words, however we can start by talking about the Real Madrid of Alfredo Di Stefano, Ferenc Puskas and Paco Gento, who would win the first 5 editions of the European Cup (today known as the UEFA Champions League) and would mark a milestone that today has not been equaled. In 1970, the Brazil national team would appear that, commanded by Pelé, would win the FIFA World Cup that year, which was played in Mexico with football so colorful that it has marked that style as characteristic of Brazilians and has led it to be considered by many as the best national team in history.

During the 70s, Johan Cruyff also emerged, first with Ajax in Amsterdam, then with FC Barcelona and with the Netherlands national team, a team that despite not having managed to materialize its success in a trophy, is remembered for being the one who The so-called Total Football became popular worldwide. In the 1980s, the figure of Diego Maradona would emerge who would take his country to his second FIFA World Cup in 1986 and to SSC Napoli to win their only two Serie A championships in their history in addition to their only major European title ( 1988-89 UEFA Cup).

At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of this century, the most outstanding players were possibly the Brazilians Ronaldo and Ronaldinho as well as the French Zinedine Zidane, great world references in the recent history of football for their very high technical levels that have served as inspiration for many players who have come after them. In the last decade, there are two names that have dominated this sport; Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Both have led the way at the level of individual records and in collective achievements with their respective clubs and, in the case of the Portuguese, with his national team (2016 Euro Cup).

Betting on Football

Football has too many competitions around the world constantly disputed so there are always a lot of options in this regard. That is why it is essential to bet on a competition that is known to us either because we have followed it as an amateur or because we have previously studied it for betting. One of the difficulties of betting in football is that you have the option of a tie that in other sports such as tennis, basketball or baseball you do not have it, which adds an additional option in betting.

Football is a sport that is a little unpredictable where a team on a losing streak or one with less hierarchy can beat one of the most powerful or those with the best streak because it has less individual influence than other sports and is affected by many external factors. The study and knowledge of these external factors is very important for the better because it goes through elements that are not measured in statistics and that can affect, both individually and collectively, a team.

Due to the physical demand that a football match demands, playing several games in a short time can generate significant fatigue in the players, so their performance may be affected and, in this sense, the manager may rotate between his players which will also have an impact on how the team plays. Weather conditions or if the team plays at home or away also affect the performance of a team and these are things to keep in mind as well as the context of the match since, it is possible for a team that has already been mathematically champion, to play the last day with substitutes or without the same customary effort. All this and many other things must be kept in mind when betting on football.

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