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Ice Hockey Betting Online

It is common to relate ice hockey to images of fights and violence due to the freedom that is allowed in that regard. However, this discipline has vertigo and flexibility, both due to the stage and the regulations, which makes it a great show that goes beyond the fights between the players. The main countries that are references in ice hockey are the United States, Canada, Russia and the Scandinavian countries, nations with cold climates, one of the reasons that does not allow further expansion of the sport.

Basics of Ice Hockey

It is a sport where two teams of 6 players (5 field players and a goalkeeper) face each other on a court that has an ice surface and whose objective is to put a rubber disk (called a puck) inside the opponent's goal, the team who scores the most goals is the winner of the match. Players use a stick to move and fire the puck, and each match has 3 parts, each lasting 20 minutes, separated by 5-minute breaks, although only playing time is considered effective time, something similar to what happens in basketball.

It is a sport that requires a lot of protection because it is played at a high speed and has a strong and constant contact between the players, making the participants prone to injury. In addition to ice skates, players use helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, a chin guard and special gloves for the upper body section and shin guards for the legs together with different additional equipment to protect from the cold. The goalkeeper has additional protection since it is exposed to puck shots so the design for its equipment is special and it has special protection in the areas of the arms, chest and hands.

The regulations of the NHL and some other league are permissive regarding fights between players, something that the International Hockey Federation does not allow in any way. In the case of the NHL, the referee allows fights as long as it is between two players and they do not have protection and it will last until one wins or until one falls to the ground.

History of Ice Hockey

From ancient Persia and Egypt in 2000 B.C., there are historical references to games that used sticks to hit balls or objects and this gradually came to Europe with its respective changes and was adapted to the conditions of those countries. Ice hockey as such had its origin in the 19th century when European immigrants brought hockey to Canada and adapted it to the country's climate to create this sport. In 1917, the NHL (National Hockey League) was created with only Canadian teams until 1928 expansion began to the United States, accepting the Boston Bruins. The NHL championship winner receives the Stanley Cup, the oldest professional trophy in North American countries.

Best teams and players

The history of the most successful teams in the history of the NHL begins with the greatest historical winner in this league, Montreal Canadiens who throughout the little more than a century of life of the NHL has achieved 24 titles starting in 1916 but whose main The period of success was between the mid-1950s and the 1970s with a generation of promising young ice hockey fans who became reality with names like Jean Beliveau or Dickie Moore. In those years, there was an important appearance in the world of ice hockey, Gordie Howe, one of those players who marked a before and after in the sport for his quality and revolutionary way of playing sports and that would serve as a reference for the future of the desired prototype of the ice hockey player.

Later it would be time for the Boston Bruins who would win two Stanley Cups in the seasons 1969–70 and 1971–72 with a brilliant Bobby Orr, a defenseman who marked that position forever since he is the highest scoring and assisting defenseman in the history of the league. In the 80s and 90s, he appears too many as the greatest ice hockey player in the history of the sport and current holder of the NHL record for most scores, Wayne Gretzky. The Canadian led the Edmonton Oilers to 4 of his 5 Stanley Cups and was one of the main figures who took ice hockey to other borders as he was when he was transferred to the Los Angeles Kings, popularizing ice hockey in California.

Bet on Ice Hockey

As in basketball, the speed and dynamism of ice hockey by its very nature make it a very changeable sport, so the recommendation is that bettors have considerable experience in this world of sports betting or statistics scholars and data management of everything related to NHL, particularly favoring those who can make short-term strategies based on the knowledge studied. As for the type of bets, in Ice Hockey you will get alternatives similar to other sports disciplines such as bets on the winner, a certain handicap, difference in scores or number of scores, to mention the most common.

One of the peculiarities of ice hockey that is important to consider is who plays as a goalkeeper since when teams have several games in a few days, the team manager usually gives him rest and the difference between the usual goalkeeper and the substitute can reach be definitive for the development and result of the match. This also applies to other players, although it is usually more important when it comes to a goalkeeper. Another element to consider in ice hockey is temporary expulsions since for periods of time a team will have more players than the opposite and in that case, it is important to know how each team reacts in inferiority or numerical superiority.

On the other hand, the NHL is a league that is usually very even and whose games tend to end in draws, so they tend to go to extensions to resolve themselves and this makes the differences in the scores small, which forces them to bet on low handicaps.

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